Portfolio update for Andrew, my 1st e-mag submission / by Mark Alberto

My friend and colleague in photography, Sherwin Herana (@iamherana) has been shooting fashion photographs since 2010. I had met him back in 2013 when he first rented my studio at Arlington Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Since meeting him, I had always admired his style of shooting fashion photography. We have done collaborative shooting, and I have tagged along with him to assist him in his shooting endeavors hoping to learn and perhaps give him some of my own knowledge and experience in photography.

Recently, he came up to me and asked me to shoot a fashion editorial, except this time, he would do the styling. He asked Andrew Braun (@andrew_jbraun) of Panache Management to model and asked Adrian Reyes (@thequeenadrian) to help us with grooming. This is the second time we have teamed up. It's always enjoyable to shoot with this small team. But this time, it was different. Sherwin had placed the camera and creativity on my hands. I had to make this a good one. Though I was never nervous for it, there was always a part of me that was worried if Sherwin will like the result. After all, this was his vision.

As it turns out, the shoot was a lot of fun and I liked the photos that were coming out of the camera. They all seemed to enjoy it too. But once the post-edits were done, I was starting to see Sherwin's influence in my work. He encouraged me to submit the work to an e-mag called "Male Model Scene." (malemodelscene.net) It was only then that I really started to feel that my work was beginning to be worthy of being published.

I had shared this news on social media and the reception was incredible. It is exciting to know that my work can be appreciated in this level. Perhaps this is the next step that I am missing in photography. I can't wait to explore more.