Halloween Project 2016: All that Glitters is not Gold / by Mark Alberto

Not every picture is perfect. We live in a world of simulations and are taught to believe the unthinkable. As deep thinkers and creatives, we find it important to pass on some messages through images. We live in a world where it is common knowledge that the most beautiful people go through the most pain. "Beauty" - it is never about the physical beauty but rather the beauty that comes from within. The ones with the big hearts, the fragile hearts, the caring hearts. Sometimes, their fragile hearts make them go through unimaginable hurt, but they keep loving and sharing their beauty with us. 

We bring to you the story of Elle, the extremely beautiful lady with a beautiful heart. She may cross your path every day with a smile, but she still bears so much pain from broken relationships. She retires to solitude and when no one is looking, the pain almost devours her.
A new day starts and once again she prides herself in her beauty. 


Model: Macayla Carlene Radke
Make up, Styling and Concept: Felicita Ovadje for Felicheetaartistry
Hair Styling and Extension: Alexis Ojo for D.S. Hair Extension  
Photography: Mark C. Alberto